Healing, Transformation, Compassion are three words which sum up what we are about.  Our vision is formed by the words Jesus spoke, and by His presence with us here and now by the Holy Spirit.

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Jesus has declared ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near,” not only our future hope beyond this earthly life but the invasion of Kingdom reality here on earth as it is in heaven. He brings real help and real love to real people with real needs here on earth!  Holy Trinity Church exists to do the same.

Our reason for being in Wester Hailes is to make the face of God human. We are here to live out a message of hope for all people:

God’s love and power can help us to become who we were always meant to be before circumstances, other people or we ourselves messed it up!  God’s Son is unchanging and that means people and communities can change.

God’s Treasures: Right now Jesus is still doing what He tells us in the Bible He is doing:  He is in this world, looking for treasure – and the treasure is you, and other people around you!  With Jesus help, in Holy Trinity Church we are seeing through the dirt and earth that sticks to our own lives to discover the love God has for us, the delight He takes in us and the good plans He has for us. Our calling is to help others make the same journey of wonderful discovery. That is our aim and we are going to stick to it!


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