What is Intercessory Prayer?

Intercessory prayer is an important element to the kingdom work of Holy Trinity Church, Wester Hailes.  It is a group of a few trusted people who pray for others who are experiencing great difficulty.  It is holy, believing, persevering prayer, where someone pleads with God on behalf of others who desperately need God’s intervention.

A young mum is distressed about her child’s health, a friend in hospital after an accident, a diagnosis of cancer, a marriage that looks like it is failing; these are some of the situations that the Intercessory Prayer team plead with God for.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests arrive through texts, emails, phone calls or word of mouth and are shared with the confidential and dedicated prayer team.  Often the problems we face are too big for us and we need others prayers to support us as we go through life’s trials.

Many times we hear people say “We really felt supported by prayer”.
As a member of the congregation you can send a prayer request directly to the prayer team by clicking below

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