Pastoral Care and Healing

At Holy Trinity Church we want you to know that feeling weak and in need of help is ok.  It gives us the opportunity to receive help and care and to offer that to one another in Christ’s Name. There are various ways in which you can for help.

Join our Sunday Services.  If you are able to come to church on a Sunday, even if it’s a struggle, then do so!  Don’t be alone – the devil loves to keep us isolated.  It is amazing how often just being with God’s people and listening to his Word and praising him can help us.  At the end of most services there is also the opportunity to receive Prayer Ministry for needs of body, mind and spirit, or for situations and circumstances.

Become part of a Lifegroup. These small gatherings give us the opportunity to get to know and be known, to find healing and encouragement – and to “do life” together!

Counselling.  We are so blessed to have caring, experienced and professionally trained counsellors. Time spent with them can often help to come to fresh understanding of “What is going on in me” type questions and bring healing and hope.

Speak to the Ministry Team.  The Ministry Team are always willing to speak with anyone, one to one, who wishes to do this.  Anyone who is, or wishes to be part of the congregation can request a visit – and you are warmly encouraged to make such a request. You may wish to talk about an immediate and obvious need such as bereavement or about a long standing need which makes you feel a bit stuck and unable to make progress.  You can speak to any of the ministry team after a service to make and arrangement for a visit with them, or to get in touch with them.  Believe it or not – the ministry team is not telepathic!  You may think they know about a need either in your own life or someone else’s. If you think they know or should know they probably don’t!  Often they are the last to know… The onus is on people to get in touch.  Make sure you have checked with the other person first if you want to speak about a need another may have that it is ok to do so. Please respect their privacy. They may not wish the ministry team to know or to visit even if you feel the ministry team should be involved.  It is perhaps worthwhile saying the ministry team is not told as a matter of routine if someone is in hospital. A patient has to make a request that their minister be contacted otherwise we are not informed and in theory cannot visit. So please do get in touch.

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