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Week 1 Cafe Sanctuary Cafe
Week 3 Sanctuary Cafe Cafe

These were developed in order to provide a space where those who have been attending Holy Trinity for either a short or long time to develop friendships, accountability and gifting.  Each life group contains about 20 people and meets on the first and third Wednesday / Thursday of the month in the various places.

There are three life groups at present. Life Group 1 and 2 meet on a Wednesday, and alternate between the café where they meet for a meal, discussion and prayer, and the Sanctuary where there is worship and opportunities for equipping. Life Group 3 meets on a Thursday and always in the café.

Each life Group has developed their own program and looks to use the gifts of those in the group to encourage each other in their walk with the Lord.

Each life group member is encouraged to also attend the monthly Saturday community outreach called ‘Stop for the One’. This provides an opportunity to bless the community and use the gifting’s God has given us to reach out to Wester Hailes.

For further information on attending one of the Life Groups please speak to one of the Ministry Team.

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