alpha-feature-bannerWhat is Alpha?

Life is full of questions. Questions that can keep us awake at night – why am I here?  Is there more to life than this?  Are we alone in this universe?  And how can I make sense of all the suffering in the world?  And why do Christians go on and on about this Jesus bloke?

The Alpha Course is a 10 week course into the basics of what Christians believe and is your opportunity to both ask questions and share your own thoughts and experiences.

No previous knowledge of Christianity or church is needed – don’t worry you will not be asked to pray or sing, or anything like that!  You will meet others who are also on a journey to find out what is real in life in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

An Alpha evening consists of:

  1. The Alpha Meal*    (*Deliciously free, you are our guest!)
  2. The Alpha Talk
  3. The Alpha Discussion Groups

How do I come along?

The Next Alpha Course starts Autumn 2017 (Tuesday 26th September) and runs on Tuesday evenings at Holy Trinity Church Café.   We may also be running a Wednesday morning Alpha course – dates/times TBC.

If you would like to find out a bit more please don’t hesitate to talk to our Alpha Coordinator:

Ian MacDonald
Telephone: 0131 4423304

Over 3 million people have done an Alpha Course in the UK, so you are not alone in wanting to investigate more!

Alpha Promo video – take a look! Or visit the Alpha website at

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